Focus on kinds of equipment for food machine and customization for complete production line


We are devoted in food processing equipment about 30 years, requirements for different customers in different production conditions and ability ranges,

Provide the most convenient, economical and

reasonable food machinery project budget programme and advanced technical support to solve customer’s

food processing worries, thereby so as to further meet customer demands.

Lanyang has been focusing on food processing equipment, food machinery & food production line since 1990.


Focus on food machinery for 30 years

Founded in 1990,which is an old brand in Chinese market, we keep moving in the food machinery technical innovation


Integrated services

Offering whole set of food processing equipment project service including from solution design to installment, solve customers’ worries effectively and systematically.


International standard

International electrical components and parts used in our food processing machinery which gets CE etc. certificate, offer OEM and ODM service


Wide range of applications

The machines are widely used in granule, powder, liquid/sauce/paste material in food,pharmaceutical and chemicals industry.


Customized offering the most convenient, economical and reasonable budget project to meet different customers in different production conditions and ability ranges. “Think what customers think, worry what customers worry, To meet customer requirements, enhance customer satisfaction” is our principle, supply all kinds of customized food processing equipment.



The food machinery are widely sold all over the world, we offer customer visiting and technical consulting design before placing the order, offer intelligent manufacturing and completely supervision after placing the order, and offer oversea experienced engineering installation and debugging after receiving the shipment. Advanced automated equipment, sophisticated food processing equipment, first-class before & after sale service and first-class quality, totally we offer design, intelligent manufacturing and sales service, welcome to contact us, if you have any trouble or problems in food processing or making.

Our main products is food processing equipment, such as mixing machine, stirring tank, jacketed kettle, concentrating and fernment machine, weighting and batching machine, and other special food processing equipment.

Reply customers’ inquiry and consultation
Our first drawing depends on the customers’ demands
Our strictly perform the contract, including parameters/contract production  Standard and deployment.
Our negotiation and improving about the first drawing
Our systematically assembly and test performance after the machines are ready to deliver in our factory.
Offer global installment and training after receiving the shipment
Our strictly confirming about the second drawing
Offer the test video to customers to confirm
Offer seaworthy wooden case packing and delivery after customers’  Confirmation

Design, Intelligent Manufacturing and Sales

We are dedicated to food machinery, there are powder/ liquid / sauces/ liquid/ paste production line,   automatic digital intelligent batching systems and reactors systems ect. food processing equipments.



Focus on food machinery for 30 years



Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.since the early nineties inception. Bringing the advanced technology and scientific research institutions at home and abroad , and has a number of advanced processing equipments and professional technical design engineers, we are dedicated to food machinery, such as mixing machine; liquid/sauce/paste filling machine; general processing machine and systematical vacuum emulsifying machine etc. food processing equipment.、

We are a whole enterprise including designing/manufacturing, sale, project installment, technical consultation and after sale service.Our products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, cosmetic and high-tech research and enterprises in various food machinery industries.

Our major is food processing equipment,"Think what customers think, worry what customers worry. To meet customer requirements, enhance customer satisfaction” is our pursuit of purpose. Designed to help customers success is our driving force to improve the level of manufacturing and development. We are willing to cooperate with new and old customers, common prosperity and development.


Products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, daily chemical and high-tech

scientific research food machinery   and other industries.



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