Focus on kinds of equipment for food machine and customization for complete production line

Chicken Sauce Processing Production Line

Beef brisket, chicken sauce etc. seasoning sauce production line designed by Guangzhou Nanyang Food Factory
Feature: Has the professional tube welding craft, offer the complete production line tube layout, inculding design, weld, polish, which is meeting the food grade requirements.

1. Soy sauce storage:
    Before of the instant soy sauce causticity, so use anti-corrosive food grade plastic PE as the raw material tank, which is using for hot batching tank ( using turbine flow meter , then pump to hot batching tank ).
2. Vegetation oil storage:
    Made of SUS304 storage tank, inner mirror polished, no blind angle, reduce dirth in tank, which is using for frying tank ( using turbine flow meter , then pump to hot batching tank ).
3. Conveying pump:
   Made of SUS316L anti-corrosive stainless steel centrifugal pump.
4. Cold batching tank:
   Pouring powder/granule/paste/water etc. raw material into cold batching tank, then to the frist mixing, the tank outlet in the bottom, cone model tank bottom, stirring with scraper, can stirring uniformity, then conveying into
   the emulsifying system by sanitary rotor pump.
5. Emulsifying:
   Using sparate sanitary colloid miller, recycle milling, lower the granule fineness, the finest can reach 5um, improve the tasting.
6. Frying cooker:
   Using steam planetary jacketed kettle, pour into Beef brisket, chicken to high temperature fry processing, then pump into hot batching tank by pneumatic pump.
7. Hot batching tank:
   Using electric vertical jacketed kettle, last mixing all the pre-dealing material, then add seasonings as per the batching, out the needed tasing material, then conveying to finished products tank by santiary rotor pump.
8. Finished products tank:
   Sanitary sealed finished products tank, top and bottom cone sealed, inner with Auto. CIP cleaning ball, can connected with CIP equipment.
9. Automatic bottle flling line:
10. Automatic bag packing line:

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