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Stuffing Material Processing Line

The stepper is following

1. Steam generator: many sets of natural gas steam pot in line, output the 0.7kg pressure steam enter into jacket kettles.

2. Water treatment: the first level water treatment, improve the water resource then into into the jacketed kettles.

3. Jacketed kettle: the material inlet adpot flow meter and punumatic valve, come true the weighing controller, then inthe the jacketed kettle; material feeding, feed the graunle or powder or solid material into; heating, heat the materail via steam, the highest temperature is 180degree; stirring, use stirring paddle to mixing with RV reducer motor and the paddle is gliding into the wall and sides.

4. Conveying:use rotor pump to convey the high viscoty temperature material. then grindering the material by high speed 2800R/M, the finest reach 5μm, then jacketed kettle for the second stirring and batching, then into finished storage tank, which is ready to packing or filling.

5. The behind processing steps, packing and filling, use the vacuum stuffing packing machine, avoid the material in bag go bad and keep fresh, then testing the weight machine, then cooling pool, then dryer, keep the stuffing bag dry and then freezen, freezening the stuffing bag to convey, which is convenient to transport and storage.

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