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Tomato Sauce Processing Production Line

Tomato sauce processing production line are widely used in the processing for tomato sauce, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and other soy sauces etc., the craft steps as following:
1.Automatic batching and weighting as per the formula, including the water, liquid, magma and some powder etc.
2.Automatic heating and temperature constant, come true temperature keep automatically.
3.The material are slow stirring match with the high speed emulsifying head to batching mixing.
4.For the high press homogenizing after the turnover tank.
5.Then enter into the automatic tube sterilizing system, including temperature climbing period, sterilizing period and temperature slow down period.
6.Entering into the storage tank, which is ready for the back-end parts, filling into a bottle, or packing into a bag.
7.After the mental testing rejecting system, the material is ready for packing or filling, including the filling production line, and packing production line. Filling production line including the steps of bottle washing, drying, filling, capping, labeling, printing etc. Packing production line including the packing into a bag, conveying out the bags, such as 10-15ml per bag.
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