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Condiment & Oyster Sauce Processing Production Line

Condiment/seasons processing production line is widely used in chicken soup/oyster sauce/hoisin sauce etc. material in food industry, the craft steps as following:

1. Ultrasonic cleaning-some seasons material has different condiments, such as chicken meat, mushroom and fungi material, so the first should cleaning the dirty and impurity on them.

2. Extracting tank-extracting the nutrient liquid by heating processing.

3. Centrifuge-after the centrifuge steps, press the nutrient liquid as soon as possible, reduce the raw material damage and wasting.

4. Turnover tank-Store the extracting liquid for temporary.

5. Filtering-Get rid of the impurity after rude and find filter, make sure the food protection.

6. Batching tank-batching the material as per different formula, as per different taste, automatic batching with liquid/powder in the proportion automatically, which can reduce the working labor.

7. Emulsifying machine-makes the material finer to reach the good taste, some material can reach as least 5 μm after the high speed emulsifying.

8. Rotary Pump-Conveying the high viscous sauce material to the storage tank, which can reduce the raw material damage and dirty.

9. Storage tank-large sanitary finished products storage tank, the material storage here after processing, which is ready for filling or packing, and makes the continuous filling.

10. Back-end parts, packing or filling, including packing machine line or filling production line(filling/capping/labeling/printing).

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