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Ferment Processing Production Line

Ferment processing production line are widely used in ferment oral , and some fungi material ferment health products processing, the craft steps as follows:

1. Cultivation and vaccination-Automatic cultivation ferment tank, automatic temperature constant and accuracy temperature controlling and steam sterilizing operation, always stable for long time using, can record the all figure and can offer the reference in the last time.

2. Crusher-crude crushing, crush the first step for fruit/vegetable, plants, which can reach the mm level.

3. Grinder-find grinder, for the second grinder for these materials, which can reach um level.

4. Ferment tank-motionless status, which is temperature constantly, can ferment for a long time.

5. Filtering-get rid of the material residual after the multiply filters passed by the conveying pump.

6. Centrifuge-after the centrifuge steps, press the nutrient liquid as soon as possible, reduce the raw material damage and wasting.

7. Jacketed kettle-for the last step stirring as per the different taste and as per the different processing craft, then meet the large requirements.

8. Instant sterilization-In high temperature, sterilizing by the steam at 2-5 seconds, which can meet the GMP demands.

9. Storage-Conveying the material into the storage tank, which is ready for packing. 10. Back-end parts, packing or filling, including packing machine line or filling production line(filling/capping/labeling/printing).

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