Focus on kinds of equipment for food machine and customization for complete production line

Milk Tea Processing Production Line

Milk tea processing production line is widely used in powder/ food/liquid processing, the capaicty is customized, the steps are including grindering/mixing/stirring/

preheating/reacting/filtering, and also sometimes need the water treatment machine if the local water is not good or dirty, which makes the water is clean, the front-end processing machine include grinder/mixing/stirring/reating/filtering/conveying/storage

steps. And the back-end including the steps of filling/capping/sealing/labeling and printing, and if the is glass bottle, should deploy bottle washing and bottle drying, if the capacity is big, you can choose complete bottle filling machine, if the capacity is

small, can choose the semi-automatic bottle filling machine, and also if you want to pack the mile tea into a bag, should deploy the packing machine, such as 50ml per bag, or 100ml per bag, or some big bag, 500-1000ml per bag.

The are two kinds of milk tea status, one is powder, just for solid electuary, this kind of milk tea usually packed in a bag for 10g/bag, or500-1000g/bag; the other is liquid

material, this kind of usually fill in a glass bottle or plastic bottle. In a word, we will offer clients the most fitable machine as per their own detailed demands, the machines are all customized, and we will deploy the machines as per your detailed

expected costs, makes the machine is the most suitable for you, imporve your local working effect.

What we seek is to create value for our

customers with a more considerate and

efficient service

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