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Bright prospects for processing equipment of guiling paste production line Guangzhou Nanyang enterpr

Issuing time:2021-01-14 11:53

Guiling ointment is not only a delicious food, but also a medicine that can cure diseases and save people. This is "medicated diet". Guiling ointment is the crystallization of the wisdom of Chinese people, and is one of the representatives.

With the progress of automation technology, many enterprises have been on the road of automatic production. The realization of automatic production of guiling paste can not only improve the production capacity, but also save the production cost and meet the safety and health standards. For enterprises or workshops, improving the automatic production technology is the breakthrough to start the brand. Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise / Guangzhou Lanlong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. helps you realize your dream and avoid detours!

Guiling ointment is a traditional medicated diet with a long history. It is said that it was a rare medicine eaten by the emperor in the Qing Dynasty. It is mainly made from precious turtle and Smilax glabra, and then refined with Shengdi and other drugs. It is mild in nature, not cold and not dry, suitable for all ages. It has the functions of clearing heat and dampness, invigorating blood and muscles, stopping itching, removing acne, moistening intestines and defecating, nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing face and refreshing, etc., so it is loved by people and widely used in China and abroad.

In people's daily life, it's not difficult to do DIY Guiling ointment. Just prepare the materials, grind the shell into powder, mix other herbs and boil it in boiling water for half an hour, then use a piece of gauze to filter the powder, and then take out the juice and pour it into a bowl. When it cools naturally, it forms a paste, which is Guiling ointment.

But compared with pure materials, artificial materials may lack the "original flavor". The efficacy of pure Guiling ointment is undoubtedly better, which makes customers have higher and higher requirements for Guiling ointment in the market, so Guiling ointment processing equipment is more and more popular. The emergence of mechanized equipment helps the production efficiency of Guiling ointment to be higher, and the operation is simple and safe. Now the production base of guiling paste generally has batching workshop, filling workshop, sterilization workshop and packaging workshop. Large enterprises will also be equipped with filling production line, high-speed filling machine and other equipment.

The technological process of guiling paste processing equipment of Nanyang enterprise in Guangzhou is as follows:

1. Water treatment equipment: equipped with water source tank, secondary filtration treatment to meet the drinking water standard, pure water tank

2. Reactor automatic batching unit:

01. Automatic water feeding according to formula weight: set the required weight, automatic water feeding and automatic stop

02. Automatic powder feeding according to formula weight: set the required weight, automatic powder feeding and automatic stop

03. Automatic mixing according to formula time: set stirring speed and stirring time

04. Automatic high speed emulsification according to formula time: set emulsification speed and mixing time

05. Automatic constant temperature according to formula time and temperature

06. Automatically vacuumize, defoamer and cool down according to formula time and negative pressure value

3. Automatic packaging: vacuum way, soft bag packaging, no air in the finished product, to prevent material deterioration, increase the shelf life, can effectively reduce the package breakage rate in the process of transportation

Features: automatic feeding, automatic blanking, automatic sealing, automatic coding and automatic conveying. Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise / Guangzhou Lanlong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. competes with foreign brands to help guiling paste and other industries realize self-sufficient automatic batching to canning production.

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