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Bird's nest sugar water production line - Process revealed - Nanyang enterprises

Issuing time:2020-11-27 16:50

Bird's nest Sugar Water Production Line Process - Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise/Lanyang Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD

1. Primary water treatment:

Soften, filter, uv sterilize, ozone sterilize and so on to reduce the bacteria content per cubic meter of water.

2. Sugar pot:

Artificial input fixed rock sugar, through automatic electric heating constant temperature, slow stirring, keep it in a flowing state, for a day to prepare.

3. Conveying pump:

The first one is a centrifugal pump for the initial liquid sugar water with low price and fast flow. The second type is pneumatic diaphragm pump, aiming at the more viscous sugar water after deployment, low price, with suction.

4. Mixing pot:

According to the different formula of each factory, the sugar water is mixed, with heating, constant temperature, stirring, heat preservation and other functions.

5. Instantaneous sterilizer unit:

According to the requirements of the FOOD and Drug Administration, a sterilization equipment for a short period of time (2 seconds), high temperature (100-120 degrees Celsius), composed of steam generator, feed pump, sterilizer, discharge pump, etc. For some materials that can not be heated for a long time, it has a very significant sterilization effect.

6. Finished product storage:

It adopts the closed storage tank of finished product, the upper and lower circular head is welded for the first time, and there is no dead corner in the pot. Equipped with heating, automatic constant temperature, cooling, stirring and other functions, it can store materials for a long time without deterioration.

If you need more food factory equipment requirements, please consult Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises, equipment selection or layout.

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