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Issuing time:2020-11-20 16:51

You are snowing in the north, I am sweating in the south!

Guangdong failed again in winter. It was 30 ℃ in the winter and woke up early in the morning. In order to relieve the summer heat, we decided to clean up the Nanyang machinery exhibition hall and provide customers with a comfortable environment.

Nanyang food machinery and equipment factory has all kinds of stainless steel equipment. The picture above shows the large and small honey production line equipment, and the first row of small semi-automatic honey production line equipment: Honey extractor honey melting tank preheating cylinder coarse filter filter (80 mesh) - fine filter filter (120 mesh) - Honey concentrator - conveying pump finished product tank - semi-automatic bottle washing machine - dryer - semi-automatic filling machine - semi-automatic capping machine- Aluminum foil sealing machine semi-automatic labeling machine inkjet printer conveyor belt workbench. The back row is the continuous honey production line equipment and automatic filling and locking cover line which produces more than 5 tons.

This picture mainly shows the spot small honey thickener and sandwich pot. The heating methods of the sandwich pot include electric heating, electromagnetic heating, steam heating and gas heating. The equipment in stock is standard equipment, which can be customized.

On the far left are semi-finished products of honey thickener and powder mixer (trough mixer, v-mixer, sealed mixer, 3D mixer, w-mixer, drum mixer, 2D mixer, etc.). The second and third rows on the left are liquid agitators with electric heating and single-layer stirring. In the fourth and fifth rows on the left are saucepan and honey thickeners. On the far right is the stir frying pan of chili sauce and hot pot bottom material. There are planetary stirring, multi claw stirring, horizontal shaft stirring. The heating methods include gas heating, electric heating, electromagnetic heating and steam heating.

There are also some filters, transfer pumps, drum frying pan, vacuum decompression thickener, ball thickener, single effect thickener, automatic filling machine, etc.

After cleaning, cooling success, suddenly more comfortable, ready, welcome to consult customers!

Guangzhou Panyu District Nanyang food machinery factory / Guangzhou Lanlong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. welcome to you!

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