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At present the domestic sauce market prospect is broad - Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises to take you t

Issuing time:2020-11-10 16:52

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There are various kinds of sauces in China, and different regional sauces have different flavor characteristics. In the north, sauces have strong flavors, such as sweet bean sauce, peanut butter, fermented bean sauce, etc. Guizhou sauce tastes spicy, such as black bean sauce, chili oil, etc. Cantonese sauces are relatively light in flavor, such as soybean paste, hoisin sauce, tomato sauce, etc.

Sauce industry brand enterprises more, we common development of better brand sauce sales scale are growing year by year!

In the sauce market with broad market prospects, big to old brands, small to small workshops have their own set of processes and production equipment. Small workshop production capacity is limited (such as simple manual processing, manual packaging), market activity is low. Small and medium-sized brands have only a set of complete process, and planning to purchase a batch of professional production of a full set of automatic sauce processing equipment, the market brand sauce active degree is high, the capacity can constantly adjust the output, the market share is large!

Chinese people have more tastes and more choices. In such a diversified market, if the production capacity of small workshops and the mononess of a sauce are maintained, the original market share may become smaller. Zhongda brand, because of its technology and process, has more than one set of sauce production equipment, and expands its variety to meet the market demand.

In sauce market to expand their market share, you need a complete set of sauce production line, ensure your product quality and production capacity, sauce production line main equipment has steam heating pot, stir fry pan, health level split type colloid mill, stainless steel mixing barrel, automatic/semi-automatic filling machine, etc., if you want to learn more about sauce production lines and equipment, can contact guangzhou nanyang enterprise blue possessors machinery equipment co., LTD. The official customer service consultation understand!

Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery and Equipment Co., LTD. And the domestic famous production sauce brand have cooperation!

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