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Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise's explanation of honey processing line concentration technology

Issuing time:2020-11-03 16:53

1、 The concentrator of honey production line in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, adopts the structure of foreign low-power low-temperature concentration equipment, that is, one effect forced circulation structure, which reduces the electric power operation cost of two forced circulation pumps.

2、 The thickener of honey production line is mainly used for material concentration of honey products. Because the moisture content in the material is greater than that in the final product, the excess water should be removed. This system is a low-temperature vacuum concentration system for heat sensitive materials.

Advantages of concentrated honey:

Nanyang honey processing equipment adopts the combination of external heating natural circulation and vacuum negative pressure evaporation. The evaporation rate is fast, and the concentration ratio can reach 13. Honey is completely foam free in the full sealing state. Honey produced by Nanyang honey processing equipment has the characteristics of no pollution and strong flavor, and it is easy to clean (open the lid to clean). Nanyang honey processing equipment is easy to operate and occupies a small area. The heater and evaporator are made of stainless steel insulation structure, and the insulation layer is made of stainless steel sheet, and the surface is treated with mirror or matte.

Structural features:

1. Stainless steel integral frame structure, the overall height of the bottom, can be customized integrated design, very suitable for various workshop installation.

2. Customized vacuum pump to save energy.

3. The tank is equipped with a cleaning nozzle, which can automatically clean and reduce pollution and acid-base volatilization.

4. The automatic control box equipped with process flow simulation diagram can operate freely and clearly show the operation status of the equipment, which is convenient and safe to operate

5. The condensation effect is obvious, and the electric energy is saved. In order to avoid the harm of the impact vibration of the pump inlet, the water supply adopts vacuum pumping and self-priming, which can effectively reduce the power loss.

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