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Description of stainless steel reactor type, function and application - Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou

Issuing time:2020-10-31 16:54

Purpose and performance

Guangzhou nanyang enterprise company produces stainless steel reaction kettle, advanced technology, reasonable structure, durable, and has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient use, etc, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food, scientific research and other industries, used to complete the sulfide, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and the working process of the organic dyes and intermediates, etc.

Ii. Working principle

The reaction kettle in our factory is divided into two series, one is electric heating series; The second is steam heating series.

1. Electric heating series: The original work of the electric heating reactor is to insert the electric heater into the heat conducting oil of the jacket, and use the heat conducting oil as the medium to transfer the heat into the reactor, so that the material inside the reactor can react after the heat absorption is heated up.

2. Steam heating series: The working principle of the steam heating reaction kettle is to pass the steam into the boiler jacket of the reaction kettle and transfer the heat of the steam into the kettle to make the material inside the kettle absorb heat for reaction.

Three, installation,

1. Before installation, check whether the coupling and transmission parts are firm and reliable.

2. During installation, the transmission shaft shall be perpendicular to the ground plane, and the non-perpendicularity shall not be greater than 1/1000 of the equipment height.

3. The hole of the upper head is connected from the fittings, pressure gauge and safety valve. It must be prepared according to the working pressure of the reaction kettle.

4. The jacket of the electric heating kettle is connected with the expander with atmospheric overflow hole. The expander is strictly prohibited to be closed with a valve, and the venting must be kept clear. The expander and the pipes and accessories connected with it are provided by the user. The equipment provided by the factory does not include the expander and accessories.

5. Refer to the drawing for the specific location of the steam inlet and outlet of the steam heating jacket. The steam pressure shall not be greater than that required by the drawing.

6. Use and maintenance

Water, acid, alkali and other substances shall not be mixed with thermal oil in electric heating kettle.

2. When the thermal oil is used for the first time, the impurities in the jacket must be cleared away, and the refueling amount must be 85% of the jacket volume.

3. If there is no material in the kettle or no heat conducting oil in the jacket, the heating power shall not be turned on.

4. The first heating should be slow to prevent oil, gas and water vapor burst.

5. The heating rate and heat preservation can be achieved by controlling the number of electric heating rods.

6. Check the amount of heat conduction oil of jacket regularly and replenish at any time.

7. The electric heating rod should be regularly checked for damage to avoid uneven heating.

8. Check and clean the vent valve and pipe of the jacket and the upper head frequently to prevent blockage. The upper mouth of the expander should be kept smooth. Do not open the heating system without the expander during installation to avoid the heat conduction oil spilling and scald the person.

9. The user must install and use according to the instructions; otherwise, the user shall be responsible for any problems.

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