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Toothpaste/salves/Cosmetics Salves processing line equipment - Lanyang Machinery, Guangzhou

Issuing time:2020-10-26 16:55

Toothpaste/ointment/cosmetics cream processing production line equipment needs what equipment can be made into a production line? In fact, the technical requirements are the same.

Among them emulsifier is essential equipment, other equipment specific depends on the customer's process requirements, production and packaging form to determine.

The equipment needed are as follows:

  1. Primary water treatment (including one original water tank and one pure water tank) : the main purpose of the treatment is to filter and treat the local tap water or ground water and other water sources to meet the standards for industrial use.

  2. Emulsifier: it is mainly to refine the raw materials through the function of vacuum and high-speed dispersive emulsification, and evenly mix the materials together, especially the mixture of liquid and oil. It must be in a vacuum to mix evenly. Specific greatly according to the customer non - standard customization.

  3. Rotor pump (transport pump) : large production needs to emulsified materials to transport to the next tank. If the output is not big, the material can be put into filling machine or sealing machine manually.

  4. There are semi-automatic paste pneumatic filling machine, baling machine is convenient for manual packing of large output.

    There is also a toothpaste type of aluminum tube or hand cream of plastic hose automatic sealing machine.

  5. As long as you confirm your process requirements, production capacity and packaging form, we, Guangzhou Lanyang Mechanical Equipment Factory/Guangzhou Sanyang Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD., Panyu District, Guangzhou, will be able to provide you with a more accurate and detailed quotation.

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