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PID control design Guangzhou Nanyang machinery and equipment factory has independently developed PID

Issuing time:2020-10-21 16:55

Application of PID control in mixing batching bucket

Simple understanding of PID: proportion (P), integral (I) and differential (d)

The controlled object is controlled by linear combination

Generally, we use it in temperature control.

The required hardware includes:

1. Heating: steam generator or boiler; electric heater (water or oil heat conduction, etc.);)

2. Cooling: refrigerator (refrigerant, cold water, cold air)

3. Delivery: pump (frequency control), valve (electric or pneumatic proportional control)

4. PLC: according to the different temperature control accuracy required, select different PLC, high accuracy, need to use medium-sized PLC, such as Guangzhou Nanyang machinery and equipment factory will choose Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc., can carry out multiple PID multiple simultaneous control. Small PLC, such as Taiwan Yonghong, can only do a single PID control. If there are multiple PID control, there will be stuck, crash and other imagination.

5. Touch screen: our Nanyang enterprises will adopt 10 inch Taiwan willon touch screen. Collecting and recording temperature change data and mapping

In short, the program automatically controls the temperature, according to the heating time, temperature and speed required by the user to realize automatic and uniform heating and heating. It can also accurately keep constant temperature at a value to achieve automatic constant temperature in the true sense. On the contrary, cooling is the same, according to the cooling time, temperature and speed required by the user to achieve automatic, uniform, slow or rapid cooling.

During debugging, it is necessary to collect data continuously to write a set of PID control program suitable for users. The biggest advantage is to ensure that the temperature of the materials in the mixing drum can be controlled within a certain range, and improve the quality of products.

Guangzhou Nanyang machinery and equipment factory has independently developed PID control program for many years, and has rich experience in temperature control. Welcome to inquire.

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