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Issuing time:2020-12-15 11:54

First of all, we need to know why we need to concentrate honey:

1. Reduce moisture-honey with more than 20% moisture is easy to ferment and become sour.

2. The national standard honey has a Baume degree of 42, and the market supervision of honey that does not meet the standard is not allowed for sale.

3. Reduce impurities-Concentrated honey is safer for humans.

The most effective substances in honey are enzymes. This kind of enzymes are very beneficial to humans and are the most valuable nutrients in honey.

Honey that has been concentrated at high temperature will indeed destroy the original active enzymes in the raw honey. A temperature exceeding 60° will completely destroy the enzyme activity, and the natural nutritional value will be negligible.

Is it impossible to concentrate honey?

Not only to maintain the original flavor, but also to remove the excess water to reach the national standard Baume degree 42, but also to maintain certain enzyme activity

Do you think these four items cannot coexist?

No, if you are a honey processing plant, you have learned about a Nanyang enterprise (a 30-year-old mature enterprise) that makes honey processing equipment.

Nanyang honey production and processing equipment can realize honey concentration in a low-temperature vacuum environment at a temperature of about 40°, which not only reaches the national standard Baume, removes excess water, and retains the original taste and enzyme activities as much as possible.

In fact, the concentrated honey produced with the honey processing equipment of Nanyang Enterprise is trustworthy!

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