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High uniformity mixing equipment for powder and granular materials 3d mixer customization - Nanyang

Issuing time:2020-09-26 16:59

· ADVANTAGES of 3D mixers made by Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Lanyang Mechanical Equipment Plant

A, flexible material selection scheme

The mixer can be customized with 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel and other steel materials, and different materials can also be used together; Equipment material selection: parts that contact with materials and parts that do not contact with materials can also be targeted to add functional coating or protective layer such as anti-corrosion, anti-bonding, isolation, wear resistance and so on

Second, reliable driver configuration

According to the nature of the material, starting mode, and mixing mode, the mixer is equipped with different driving devices with different capacity, different power, and different output speed.

Common reducer: R, K, F series reducer, cycloidal reducer, universal reducer, planetary reducer; Common connection: belt pulley connection, direct connection.

Three, a variety of electrical appliances brand optional

The electronic indicator defaults to domestic Zhengtai, and the optional brands are: SCHNEIDER, Yijia, Siemens and other AC contactors, technical displays and electronic displays, all of which are optional to support customized services

Four, sealing fast connect the discharge port

Customized quick receiving outlet, quick and convenient discharging, high sealing performance, stainless steel mirror material

· 3d mixer purpose of Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Lanyang Mechanical Equipment Plant:

It can be used for mixing high uniformity of powdery and granular materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry, machinery, electronics, mining and metallurgy, national defense industry, scientific research and other enterprises and institutions.

· 3d mixer features of Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Lanyang Mechanical Equipment Plant:

Because the three-dimensional mixing barrel moves in multiple directions, there are many cross mixing points of materials in the barrel, which has the advantages of high mixing effect, high uniformity, high loading coefficient, short mixing time and high efficiency.

The mixing barrel has unique body design, the inner wall of the barrel is carefully polished, there is no dead Angle, no pollution material, it has the advantages of easy discharging, easy cleaning, simple operation and so on.

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