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The working principle and advantage decomposition of Lanyang machinery and equipment in Guangzhou Na

Issuing time:2020-09-18 17:00

The whole extraction process of the extraction equipment in Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise is completed in a closed circulation system. Atmospheric pressure extraction can be carried out, whether water extraction, alcohol extraction, oil lifting and other aspects of the process requirements, are determined by the Chinese medicine factory according to the pharmaceutical process requirements. Here is only a general water extraction (alcohol extraction) basic principle introduction - Customized by Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprises:

1. Heating method: In the case of water extraction, after the water and Chinese herbal medicine are put into the extraction tank, steam will be poured into the tank for direct heating. When the temperature reaches the specified value, steam will stop being poured into the tank and steam will be poured into the jacket for indirect heating, so as to maintain the temperature in the tank within the specified range; In the case of alcohol extraction, the whole production is indirectly heated by passing steam to the jacket.

2. Forced circulation extraction: In the extraction process, in order to balance the extraction temperature and improve the extraction efficiency, the pump can be used to carry out forced circulation of the liquid medicine (but it is not applicable to the extraction of starchy materials and stickiness materials). Forced circulation means that the liquid is discharged from the lower drain port of the tank, filtered through a pipe filter, and then pumped back to the upper tank.

3. Reflux extraction: During the extraction process, a large amount of steam is bound to be generated in the extraction tank. The steam condenses from the exhaust outlet through the condenser and then returns to the extraction tank.

Discharge of the extraction liquid: After the completion of extraction, the liquid will be discharged from the lower side of the tank and the outlet on the slag discharge door, filtered through the pipe filter, and then transported to the tank or the concentration section with a pump for the enrichment of mechanical equipment - Sanyang Enterprise/Lanyang, Guangzhou.

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