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Issuing time:2020-09-10 17:02

The trough type mixer manufactured by Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise is mainly used for mixing powder or paste materials to make different materials evenly mixed.

The mixer is made of stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance. The mixing tank can automatically turn over and pour materials. CH series groove mixer is used for mixing powder or wet materials to make different proportion of main and auxiliary materials mixed evenly.

Common nanyang mixer non-standard customization:

Electric heating, vacuum, seal, large platform, lifting type, variable frequency speed regulation, explosion proof, unit combination integration automatic feeding, can also customize a variety of functions and shapes of mixing equipment;

The mixer produced by Nanyang is applicable to:

Food powder, chemical powder, seasoning, coating powder, wet material, milk powder, flour and other dry powder/wet powder/dry and wet mixing together;

Advantages of trough mixer:

It has compact structure, small floor space, simple operation, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning, good mixing effect and so on. Under the premise of the same volume and same material, the price is substantially cheaper for other types of mixer.

According to their own production capacity to choose capacity, according to the plant planning to choose floor area and height, according to the production process to choose non-standard customized functions.

Nanyang enterprise mixer for you to solve the trouble!

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