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Non-standard customized vacuum capping machine - hot melt glue material - Guangzhou Nanyang enterpri

Issuing time:2020-09-01 17:07

Nanyang Enterprise/Lanyang Machinery Customized vacuum capping machine

According to the requirements of old customers, a completely non - standard customized capping machine.

Experimental objects, needle - cylinder hot - melt glue class

Function: Pressurize the tail cap while nitrogen is protecting under vacuum negative pressure.

Design choice: the form of hydraulic cylinder has been considered, but the structure is too complex. Finally, the cylinder principle is selected and forced downward.

Principle of vacuum capping machine:

1. Put the needle tube into the liquid at high temperature artificially;

2. Manually place the needle tail cover;

3. Put the lid on the first section of the cylinder to form a sealed state;

4. Open the vacuum pump for vacuum;

5. Open the nitrogen valve and breathe in nitrogen;

6. In the second stroke of the cylinder, press down the inner plate with a pressure of 80KG, and press the tail cover into the needle pipe completely;

7. Retrieve the cylinder after exhaust.

The glue produced in this way has no air inside the needle tube, which increases the shelf life and keeps the stickiness of the glue better.

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