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Features of SANYANG/Lanyang Mechanical intelligent Equipment, Guangzhou

Issuing time:2020-08-25 17:08

Guangzhou blue possessors machinery equipment co., LTD., affiliated to the nanyang enterprise, was founded in 1990, technical consultation, design, manufacturing, marketing, engineering installation and after-sales service in one, the pursuit to the accuracy and reliability of the production process and improve the production process, strictly in accordance with the international standard seriously, ensure the products with high quality. The company is dedicated to complete production line equipment for paste, liquid and powder filling, automatic cap turning, cap patting, label marking and code marking. Fully automatic digital only batching system has vacuum emulsification and other complete equipment. Products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, daily chemical and high-tech research enterprises and other industries. To keep pace with the development of The Times, Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery has the following characteristics:

1. Low cost and high return:

Faster and faster, the pace of the era of large data is one of the essential less intelligent equipment, nanyang enterprise/guangzhou blue possessors machinery through a variety of intelligent, goal is to promote the automation of the enterprise, improve the production efficiency, save production and labor costs, solve recruitment difficult problems, such as use all kinds of high induction technology, for clients to achieve high accuracy, environmentally friendly and efficient, greatly increase the intensity of labor, to bring real benefits for the user.

2. Intelligent stability:

Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Blue Sanyang, on the one hand, under the established calculation process of mechanical operation, itself put an end to a lot of instability; On the other hand, mechanical design and manufacturing and its automated production can improve the supervision system, which can predict, identify and manage all kinds of risks in the production process, make solutions in advance, prevent accidents, and increase the stability of the production process.

3. Simple and efficient:

During the manufacturing process of Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Blue Sanyang, there will be a large amount of induction equipment, science and technology invested in it to form a complete production line chain so that a customer team can manage one or more production lines. At the same time, the safety of the enterprise has been greatly improved. Some dangerous processes no longer need the participation of personnel, and all operations can be completed with machines, which improves the simplicity and efficiency of the user's production process.

4. Professional packaging and delivery:

After shipment and debugging, the equipment shall be packed in professional wooden cases or in automobile transportation, and the transportation service shall be provided to ensure the safe and convenient transportation of the equipment to users.

5. One-stop professional on-site installation service:

After the equipment is delivered to the user, professional technicians are sent to the user's factory for on-site installation training.

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