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Purpose of honey concentrator -- The difference between concentrated and natural honey Baume Du - Na

Issuing time:2020-08-12 17:09

Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise takes you to understand the purpose of honey concentrator - the difference between concentrated and natural honey

Honey is deeply loved by consumers because of its sweet taste and unique function.

Consumers who buy honey regularly will find that some of the honey crystallizes and there is a wide variety of honey on the market,

Concentrated honey is also a kind of more common, can that concentrated honey crystallize?

Honey crystals are a normal physical phenomenon, and honey is known to contain a lot of glucose,

Honey crystals are essentially glucose crystals, and glucose has the property of being easy to crystallize,

Under suitable conditions, the small crystalline nuclei of glucose in honey gradually increase and grow to become the mother of crystallization.

And connected to each other, the honey at the bottom of the container crystallizes first, and eventually the whole bottle crystallizes,

But the crystallization did not change the quality of the honey, including its water content and other ingredients.

Concentrated honey is concentrated by vacuumizing some honey with high water content and extracting the excess water from the honey.

In this way, the honey can be more beautiful without damaging its internal nutrition.

It fully retains the smell and taste of honey, and also increases the storage time of honey.

The honey concentrator has also solved the marketing problems caused by substandard honey beauty, which is the best choice for current beekeepers.

Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises can easily meet your needs.

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