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Five major development highlights of Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery and Fo

Issuing time:2020-08-07 17:09

Food machinery is developing rapidly in China, and there have been many leading enterprises with large scale and good benefit in the industry.

Faced with the increasingly fierce competition situation, Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery/Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise Carton has been established as a food machinery sanyang Machinery company for 30 years

To consolidate my position in the industry by developing new highlights, as follows:

1. The innovation. Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery/Nanyang Enterprise develops new products from the perspective of innovation and from the height of independent intellectual property rights, develops advanced equipment with international first-class level, and develops a complete set of diversified food processing and production process, so as to truly realize the upgrading of domestic food machinery manufacturing industry. Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery/Nanyang Enterprise has developed a variety of food production lines, including tomato sauce sauce production line, Turtle jelly production line, jam production line, flour wrapping production line, chicken juice consumption oil production line, enzyme production line, oral liquid production line, milk tea production line, filling production line and so on.

2. Talent. Food machinery enterprises need to cultivate their own talents. The development of food machinery innovation talents is the demand of the new era. Both countries and enterprises need the support of talents. With professional talents, the enterprise has a solid internal strength, confidence. After 30 years of sanyang Machinery/Nanyang Enterprise in Guangzhou, China, we have cultivated and accumulated professional line service personnel, providing one-stop service from pre-sale sales negotiation, sales consultation and discussion, after-sales installation and commissioning training.

3. Service. Food machinery belongs to the machinery industry, but today's machinery is not just for sale. Food machinery enterprises need to provide one-stop professional services. Pay attention to the pre-sale, sale, after sale three aspects of service, the interest of buyers to enhance the status of their own development interests. Guangzhou Lanyang Mechanical Equipment/Nanyang Enterprise focuses on food machinery one-stop service, customer satisfaction and recognition is our tenet.

4. Low-carbon. The global craze for low-carbon environmental protection has also spread to the machinery industry. Guangzhou Blue Sanyang Machinery/Sanyang Enterprise endeavors to align itself with energy saving. The most obvious development is the transformation of beverage packaging bottles. Beverage packaging and bottle lightweight and material change are environmental requirements.

5. Network promotion. The traditional way of promotion has been unable to keep up with the pace of the electronic information age. Network promotion has become a major part of food machinery enterprises. Sanyang Machinery/Sanyang Enterprise in Guangzhou Sanyang will do its utmost in the aspect of network promotion and seize the bright spot of its development so as to be able to get foothold in the industry.

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