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Coating powder/marinade/matcha powder/sweet potato powder/protein powder/salt/monosodium glutamate a

Issuing time:2020-12-10 11:55

Guangzhou Lanyang Trough Mixer

The trough-type ribbon mixer is suitable for a single type of powder (dry powder such as breading, marinade, matcha powder, sweet potato powder, protein powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.), and the output is large, and it can work continuously for a long time.


    1. Suitable for connecting the entire production line, such as dust-free feeding bin, screw feeder, vacuum feeding

          Machine, vibrating screen, rotary screen, weighing batching system, automatic packaging machine, weight metal inspection

          Test and reject machines, etc., assembly line production equipment.

    2. The mixing time is relatively short, about 10-15 minutes once.

    3. The mixing effect is good, and it is suitable for materials with relatively large proportions, that is, several different material ratios

          A big difference.

   4. Effectively prevent agglomeration, the ribbon can break the powder that is easy to agglomerate

   5. Large output, up to 3-5 tons of powder per hour

    6. Equipped with star-delta time-delayed start-up and thermal overload protection device to prevent the motor from burning out and increase the service life.

    7. The motor does not need to be forward and reverse, because the belt of our trough mixer has been set as a physical device for forward and reverse flow.

   8. This year, our company has upgraded the shaft seal to prevent powder leakage and oil leakage and delay the service life of wearing parts.

Optional customization:

1. Upgraded to a gear reduction motor, which reduces the power while having greater torque and more durability

2. The weighing device can realize automatic feeding or discharging according to the distribution ratio.

3. Touch screen + PLC, which can be operated in the central control room or remotely controlled by mobile phone.

4. Can be used as a sandwich electric heating device.

5. Can be used for explosion-proof electrical control

For more personalized customization, please contact Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise, Guangzhou Lanyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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