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Apple/snow pear/guava and other original fruit juice production line production process open - guang

Issuing time:2020-08-03 17:10

Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise/Guangzhou Lanyang Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD

Original fruit juice production line (apple, snow pear, guava, pitaya, kiwi, noni, passion fruit, etc.)

Process steps:

1. Cleaning: Bubble type fruit and vegetable cleaning tank, using high-pressure pipeline water pump for tumbling washing. Then enter the screening conveyor platform, manual selection, the elimination of rotten or bad.

2. Peeling and nucleating: According to different varieties, peeling or nucleating can be carried out selectively.

3. Crushing and juicing: The fruit is first crushed to form small granules, which fall directly into the screw juicer, and then the fruit is pressed by means of screw extrusion. The liquid is removed through the bottom of the screen and the residue is extruded from the side by a screw.

4. Turnover: a single-layer mixing drum is used to prevent the precipitation of the juice.

5. Transportation: The food hygiene level centrifugal pump is adopted for transportation to the next link.

6. Filtration: The bag filter adopts multi-stage and multi-channel filtration, from coarse to fine, from 80 to 400 mesh.

7. Mean value: High pressure piston homogenizer is adopted to further refine the juice, up to 3 microns in diameter. Make the drink taste better.

8. Degassing: Through the principle of vacuum, the smell attached to the fruit (earth taste, agricultural medicine taste, etc.) can be removed.

9. Storage: transport to the sanitary grade finished product storage tank through the transport pump, waiting for filling.

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