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Mooncake stuffing formal processing how to achieve high productivity -- Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise

Issuing time:2020-07-29 17:13

Mooncake stuffing formal processing how to achieve high productivity -- Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises hand in hand teach you

Colloid mill, stir-frying machine, planet mixing sandwich pan, fruit filling making equipment, automatic stir-frying machine, side scraping wall frying pan, multi-claw planet frying pan

Safe and healthy stuffing for high productivity by Hand? = Hygiene is uncontrollable and requires a lot of manpower.

Every mooncake manufacturing enterprise has its own set of production technology, the application of the production equipment is also similar, it is very important to find a strong ability to do non-standard custom manufacturers (quality control and after-sales), but the regular processing line equipment used by each enterprise material is food grade material. Due to material and process problems, filling viscosity may increase, at this time, the efficient equipment must be a scraping edge scraping wall - multi - claw stirring planet stir frying pan.

JM-L series colloid mill is developed by our factory by introducing the latest foreign technology, wet ultrafine grain processing

New equipment, suitable for all kinds of semi-fluid, fluid, emulsion homogenization, mixing, crushing, etc.

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