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Process flow chart of automobile beauty liquid, surface treatment volume, detergent and other produc

Issuing time:2020-07-13 17:14

Process flow chart of automobile beauty liquid, surface treatment volume, detergent and other production lines -- Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise

1, heating system: electric heating oil pot, automatic constant temperature control, through high temperature oil pump and emulsifying barrel pipe connection. It enters from the bottom of the emulsion bucket and outputs from the top. A continuous cycle of heating is formed. The highest temperature can reach 300℃

2. Preparation of emulsion bucket: The pot body adopts a three-layer structure. The inner layer is the mixing space, the interlayer is the heat conduction oil circulation space, and the outer layer is the insulation material space. The function of the outer insulation layer is to reduce heat emission and heat loss, thus reducing power consumption. High speed average emulsifying head is adopted for stirring, ABB motor is selected in Germany, and 2800r/min is used for high shearing. Is a variety of incompatible materials, cracking, so that their fusion.

3. Revolving tank: single-layer barrel design is adopted to reduce costs and improve efficiency. At the same time, as a temporary storage tank, the purpose is to reduce the time between the production of each ingredient, Beloved to increase production capacity.

4. Cooling system: Industrial grade air-cooled refrigerating machine is adopted to provide cold source. The barrel is closed and the coil is made inside, which is less than the whole space. The material flows through the conveying pump in the inner coil. The whole set of coil is immersed in the freezing solution, which makes the material cool quickly during the movement. The ambient temperature is maintained at 2-10℃, and the material outlet in the coil tube can be directly reduced to room temperature.

5. Filling system: Double-head weighing quantitative filling, specially for the clinker bucket of 25KG. Accurate filling.

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