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Suggestion on honey production line project -- Nanyang Enterprise

Issuing time:2020-07-07 17:14

I. Overview of our company:

Guangzhou Lanyang Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD. (Focusing on food production line for 30 years)

Guangzhou blue possessors machinery equipment co., LTD., affiliated to the nanyang enterprise, was founded in 1990, technical consultation, design, manufacturing, marketing, engineering installation and after-sales service in one, the pursuit to the accuracy and reliability of the production process and improve the production process, strictly in accordance with the international standard seriously, ensure the products with high quality. Enterprises carefully committed to paste, liquid, powder filling equipment; Paste, liquid, powder filling equipment; General processing equipment; Automatic digital intelligent batching system and complete equipment such as vacuum emulsification. Products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, daily chemical and high-tech research enterprises and other industries. Among them, honey processing production line in the food industry, ketchup sauce processing production line; The production line of emulsion face cream in daily chemical industry is our dominant characteristic equipment.

Guangzhou blue possessors machinery equipment co., LTD. Co., LTD in line with "professional, integrity, development and win-win business philosophy, to science and technology as the backing, take the customer demand for the guidelines, in order to perfect after-sales service as guarantee, for different customers in different production conditions and ability demand, provide the most convenient, economic and reasonable project budget and the advanced technical support, to solve customer's worries, thereby further meet the needs of customers.

"Meet customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction" is our pursuit of the goal, to help customers become the driving force to improve our design and manufacturing level. We are willing to cooperate with new and old customers for common prosperity and development.

Second, the significance and necessity of honey processing


Honey is made by fully brewing the nectar secreted by the duty nectary of bees. In most parts of China

There are production. To thick as coagulate fat, sweet pure, clean without impurities, no fermentation is preferred. Honey is mainly composed of sugar, of which 60-80% is glucose and fructose, which can be easily absorbed by the human body. It is mainly used as nutritional tonic, medicinal, processed candies and brewing honey wine, and can also be used as flavoring for sugar. With the development of market economy, agricultural products are transformed into cash crops, which requires the help of external forces to sell honey originally as agricultural products through deep processing and packaging.


Through honey processing equipment, such as the following advantages.

1. To prevent the fermentation of honey, immature honey with high water content is easy to cause fermentation and deterioration under the action of saccharomyces cereviferae. In order to ensure the safe storage of honey, the saccharomyces cereviferae must be killed by heating.

2. Filter impurities. Honey usually contains a small amount of dead bees, larvae, wax chips and other impurities, which not only affects the appearance, but also leads to quality degradation.

3. Melting and delaying crystallization. Crystallization occurs in the honey of most flower species stored for a period of time, which is a natural phenomenon. In order to adapt to consumers' preference for liquid honey, methods such as heating or high-frequency acoustic wave processing are used to melt the honey and delay the crystallization of honey as much as possible

4. Increase the honey concentration. The international market stipulates that the water content of honey should not exceed 21%, while the water content of honey purchased in China often exceeds the standard. In order to improve the quality and storage of honey, vacuum concentration and other processing methods should be used to improve the concentration of honey.

5. Decolorizing and deflavoring. Although some honey has no less nutritional value and medical value than other honey, its color and luster is deep, and it has pungent peculiar smell, which is not welcome by consumers. In order to facilitate the sale, it is necessary to adopt the processing measures of decolorizing and deflavoring to improve its sensory quality.

6. Classify and package the honey. Most of the honey is transported in buckets with a capacity of more than 100kg, which is not convenient for retail.

7. Production of a variety of honey products, with the increasing level of consumption, the production and marketing of simple honey food no longer meet the needs, must be processed into honey as the main raw material of a variety of products, only in this way can be convenient to eat and sell.

The prospect of honey processing

At present, with the upsurge of honey consumption demand, the bee product processing in China has gradually changed from small workshop mode to factory mode and standardized production mode, and the market development ability has also been significantly enhanced. According to customs statistics, China exported 128,330 tons of natural honey in 2016, 11.3% less than the same period last year, the total amount was 276,556 million DOLLARS, 4.2% less than the same period last year. The unit price was 2.16 dollars per kilogram, equivalent to 14.9 yuan per kilogram. In 2016, China imported 6,032 tons of natural honey with an amount of us $72.77 million. The average unit price was US $12 / kg, which was 5.56 times the unit price of natural honey exported from China.

According to industry data, China has become the world's largest beekeeping country, the total number of Chinese bees has reached 9.2 million. On this basis, China's honey production reached 470,000 tons in 2017, and the output of propolis, bee pollen and beeswax was 600 tons, 5,000 tons and 10,000 tons respectively, ranking first in the world. It is reported that the increase in the total number of bee colonies is actually stimulated by consumer demand. 25% of honey and 90% of royal jelly circulating in the international market come from China. The production scale of propolis, beeswax and bee pollen is constantly expanding, and the output and export volume have been leading the world

4. Equipment needed for honey processing and production:

Divided into two production lines, one automatic, suitable for honey production; One is semi-automatic and is suitable for small processing plants with a daily output of 0.5-5t.

Main steps: Honey juicing - honey melting - honey preheating - honey filtering - honey concentration - honey transport - honey storage - honey filling - cap - seal - label - code and other steps, including honey processing at the front end and honey packaging and filling at the back end.

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