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A new semi-automatic honey production line for direct delivery - Nanyang enterprises

Issuing time:2020-07-02 17:15

A new semi-automatic honey production line for direct delivery - Nanyang enterprises

With the development of the society, the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for honey products is increasing, at present the country to pay more and more attention to food safety, both from the laws and regulations and market demand, for a production enterprise management and production equipment demand is higher and higher, guangzhou nanyang enterprise has been committed to food professional equipment manufacturing, combined closely with the product process, solve the customer's technology difficulty, reached between the concept of win-win with customers. The way that solves honey enterprise to run a factory quickly!

Difficulties in honey processing production line:In raw honey processing production line, the traditional process requires a lot of manpower, poor sanitation, dissolve honey section in the processing of low temperature crystallization, result in loss of nutrition, raw honey bucket capacity sizes, pour honey system a long time, in addition to the temperature of the honey, sugar, such as the low degree of automation, product quality is not stable, and so on. All these problems can be solved by the cooperation of equipment and process in Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises.

Honey processing production line solution: The fully automatic honey processing production line provided by Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise can solve the instability of concentrated and sterilized products, with high degree of automation and automatic cleaning of raw material honey barrels, so as to meet the stable and automatic production requirements of products.

Honey process:

Melting honey pool → preheating cylinder → thick and fine filtration → automatic concentrator → storage tank

Bag packing machine → bottle washing machine → sterilizing and drying → filling machine → cap turning machine → code spraying machine

Conveyor belt → workbench

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