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Automatic metering batching system, high degree of automation, easy operation, good sealing, specifi

Issuing time:2020-06-29 17:16

Automatic batching reaction kettle system, also known as automatic feeding system, is a necessary technological process in industrial automation production line, and automatic batching system is a production system composed of a computer equipped with automatic batching operation program as the core control unit, through intelligent control connection with various equipment.

The products manufactured by Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises are characterized by high measurement accuracy and automatic control, which can save a lot of labor and bring huge benefits to the enterprises.

Automatic batching metering system is composed of metering equipment, programmable logic controller (Siemens PLC), industrial control machine (touch screen) + configuration software, etc. Working principle of the automatic weighting material by feeding equipment (such as vibration sieve, feeding machine, pump) or neat bag feeding the material batch into the reaction kettle, intelligent controller driver precision frequency double helix machine output weight, weight processing module (high speed sensor and control system) automatically pick up weight fast numerical real-time operation, and to compare each weighing value and the calibration results, calculate the error value, timely feedback and correct the output of the screw machine, intelligent comprehensive balance, ensure material measuring accuracy of 0.5%. After each weighing, the signal is output by the intelligent controller. The pneumatic valve automatically opens the material door for discharging and the material enters the reaction kettle. Metering and batching system, high degree of automation, easy operation, good sealing, various specifications, suitable for different production environment for a variety of materials production technology requirements of metering and batching

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