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Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises - Wok series

Issuing time:2020-06-16 17:18

The wok of Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise is mainly used in food industry for lotus paste, jam, bean paste, jujube paste, candy, sauce, curry, prepared food, hotpot base, various vegetables.

Guangzhou Nanyang enterprises frying pan heating methods: electric heating, electromagnetic heating, gas/gas heating, steam heating. The gas/gas heating can be divided into single-layer heating and interlayer heating, depending on the material or the process requirements of the demander. Of course, if the buyer's material only needs to be stirred without heating, it can be done in a single layer.

The wok is also divided into semi-automatic and automatic, semi-automatic refers to manual feeding, automatic refers to the paddle can automatically lift and pouring can be automatic feeding. Now the cost of labor is expensive, easy to operate many customers have chosen the automatic type of wok.

Ordinary wok (tilting electric heating sandwich pot and vertical sandwich pot), suitable for relatively good fluid, no particles of materials, such as mung bean paste, porridge, etc. Usually small ones are made by tilting, manual pouring. If you want to connect the production line, usually use the vertical bottom discharge, such as the temperature of the material is more than 100 degrees, it is recommended to take insulation layer, insulation layer for insulation and anti-hot.

Planet wok: The planet wok has semi - automatic and automatic. Semi - automatic is manual mixing paddle, manual hand - fed. Still have a plenty of agitator paddle automatic lift artificial feed. Automatic is said in front of the agitator paddle automatic lifting, automatic filling pot, electric control box control button control and touch screen control. This is suitable for sauces with granules, such as hotpot base, braised meat and so on.

If the interlayer is electrically heated or heated by gas, the interlayer can be artificially released. What kind of medium is added depends mainly on the temperature of the material to be heated, such as the water quality of the interlayer heated above 90 degrees, such as the heat conducting oil released by the interlayer heated above 100 degrees (thermal conducting oil supplied by the buyer).

Steam heating depends on the heating temperature of the material to determine whether there is a pressure vessel certificate. If the material is heated below 90 degrees with normal pressure of 0.09kg, no pressure vessel certificate is required. In case of heating more than 100 degrees, it shall be manufactured according to 3kg pressure, and the use pressure is 2.5kg. It shall be special equipment with pressure vessel certificate, which shall be reported locally by the demander.

Now also designed a multi - function multi - claw stirring wok, suitable for a variety of materials, this wok guangzhou Nanyang enterprises do is automated. And the horizontal axis, and so on. Specific can be customized according to the requirements of the non-standard.

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