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Issuing time:2020-06-04 17:20

The establishment and development of China's packaging industry system is the product and witness of China's reform and opening up. Since 1980, China's packaging industry has experienced a development process from scratch, from small to large, has been growing rapidly at an average annual growth rate of more than 18%. Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise

Now, the output of corrugated packaging products, composite flexible packaging, metal drums, containers, plastic woven bags and other main packaging products produced in China has been in the forefront of the world. China's packaging industry has basically formed a packaging industry system consisting mainly of paper, plastic, metal, glass, printing and machinery, with certain modern technical equipment and a relatively complete category. Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise

Since the reform and opening up, the exchanges and cooperation between China and the world packaging industry have been further strengthened. A large number of world famous packaging enterprises have invested in China to set up factories. At the same time, China's packaging industry, adhere to the road of international actively introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced automatic packaging technology and equipment, to speed up the communication of packaging industry and the world, learning and cooperation, emerge a batch of close to the international large scale and level of packaging enterprise groups, packaging machinery exports increased year by year, China's packaging machinery products have begun to enter the international market. Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise

However, we must be soberly aware that, as one of a class of products in the packaging industry, packaging machinery should occupy an important position in the development of the packaging industry in Our country, and the high cost of packaging products has a greater impact on the competitiveness of goods. The packaging cost of many commodities often reaches 30% to 70% of the commodity cost, and some packaging costs even greatly exceed the value of the commodities themselves. Packaging industry as a supporting industrial output ratio is relatively high; Many enterprises still did not get rid of high input, high consumption, high pollution and low output of extensive management, therefore, need to adhere to set up the comprehensive, balanced and sustainable scientific development view, increasing, establish efficient, green packaging industry in China, forming a complete packaging processing industry chain, accelerate the process of in line with international standards; Accelerate the revitalization of packaging equipment manufacturing industry; Promote packaging industrialization with information technology.

According to the current packaging status, packaging machine specifications can be determined according to the packaging products, mainly divided into granular solid material packaging machine, powder packaging machine, liquid sauce packaging machine, stuffing packaging machine; It can also be subdivided according to the industry, including food packaging machine, pharmaceutical packaging machine, chemical packaging machine, daily chemical packaging machine; Also can be divided according to the packaging of finished products form, mainly bags, bags, bottling filling machine, blister packaging machine, sealing machine, sealing machine; Can also be divided according to the form of sealing, there are three side sealing packaging machine, four side sealing packaging machine, back sealing packaging machine, pin packaging machine, four side ironing packaging machine. Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise

In the future, with the great goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, China's packaging machine industry has become an industry with great development potential and will have a broad market space. Guangzhou Nanyang Enterprise

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