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Guangzhou nanyang enterprises independent design of brisket sauce, chicken sauce, sauce production l

Issuing time:2020-05-27 17:21

Food co., LTD. Custom equipment

Guangzhou nanyang enterprises by the independent design of brisket sauce, chicken sauce, sauce production line

Features: guangzhou lanyang mechanical equipment co., LTD., with professional pipe welding process. Provide pipeline layout, design, welding and polishing for the whole production line. Fully meet food grade requirements.

1. Soy sauce storage:

Since soy sauce is corrosive to some extent, it adopts food grade plastic PE material which is resistant to corrosion as the raw material. (turbine flowmeter is adopted to measure and heat dispensing tank is driven into it)

2. Vegetable oil storage:

SUS304 storage tank, mirror polishing inside, no dead corner, reduce the dirt in the barrel, for the use of wok. (turbine flowmeter is adopted to measure and heat dispensing tank is driven into it)

3. Delivery pump:

The centrifugal pump is made of SUS316L stainless steel

4. Cold matching tank:

The powder, particles, paste, water and other raw materials are put into the cold mixing tank for preliminary mixing. Barrel body adopts bottom discharge, conical barrel bottom, mixing with scraper, can stir evenly. It is then transported to the emulsifying system through a sanitary rotor pump.

5. Emulsification:

Adopt split health grade colloid mill, circulate grind mean value, reduce grain fineness. The maximum precision can reach 5um. Improve the taste and lubrication.

6. Wok:

Steam planetary sandwich pot, put in the brisket, chicken and other main ingredients, high temperature frying. Then pump through the pneumatic diaphragm into the hot dispensing tank.

7. Hot mixing tank:

The vertical sandwich pot is heated by electricity, and all the pretreatment materials are finally mixed and boiled. Add seasonings according to the recipe to create the desired flavor. And through the sanitary level of the rotor pump, delivered to the finished product storage tank.

8. Finished product storage tank:

Sanitary sealed finished product storage tank with conical seal on top and bottom, equipped with automatic CIP cleaning ball, which can be connected to CIP equipment.

9. Automatic bottle filling line

10. The automatic bag packaging line adopts vacuum method, soft bag packaging, and there is no air in the finished product to prevent the deterioration of materials and increase the shelf life, which can effectively reduce the rate of broken bags in the process of transportation

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