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List of equipment for honey processing plants/cost of small honey processing plants

Issuing time:2020-05-20 17:22

Open honey processing plant 5 even ask:

1. How to open a honey processing plant?

2. Does honey need to be processed?

3. What equipment does the honey processing plant need?

4. Large or medium or small honey processing equipment?

5. Which brand of honey processing equipment is good?

I hope the following answers can solve your boss's doubts, judge and establish how to find the right equipment manufacturer to solve more professional doubts!

One. Does honey still need to be processed?

The universal unit is the baume degree. The regulation in national standard, wave beauty degree 42 degrees is honey of 1 class, water content is 17%, keep 2 years above, 41 degrees is 2 class, water content is 19%, 40 degrees is 3 class, water content is 21%, guarantee life is in a year. Below 40 degrees of honey is strictly prohibited to market -- how to improve the baume degree? Looking for guangzhou lanyang machinery equipment, professional honey processing production line equipment

Because honey flower gathering and honey making is open air operation, there are dead bees, flowers, dust and other impurities in the raw honey collected, without disinfection and sterilization, there will be metal residues. On the contrary, the honey processed by the right amount overcomes the insecurity of "open air", the water in the process of processing is fully evaporated, and the nutrient content and safety are relatively higher. In order to prevent fresh honey poisoning and ensure public food safety, the state administration of food and drug administration reminded that honey is a natural sweet substance formed when bees collect nectar, secretions or nectar from plants and mix it with their own secretions. Because the honeybee's nectar source plant variety is many, the growth environment is complex, may cause the honey to contain the poisonous substance. Consumers who consume raw raw honey are at risk of poisoning and, in severe cases, death.

Two. How to open a honey processing plant?

You need a business license, a hygiene license, a business code, a production license, and finally a QS certificate. When handling QS, a metrological verification certificate is required.

Water quality report inspection, raw and auxiliary materials three certificate one report qualification. -- sanyang mechanical equipment of guangzhou -- food safety certification equipment

3. What equipment does honey processing need? Large or medium or small?

Good equipment must be safe food grade material equipment, according to their own shift production to determine the size of the production line,

Fully automatic, semi-automatic optional, save a large amount of labor costs, according to the production of custom.

Guangzhou lanyang equipment co., LTD. -- has the most mature and advanced honey processing equipment

Which brand of honey processing equipment is good?

A good brand for honey devices should be: automation solutions expert

1. Advanced equipment quality

2. Mature whole line assembly technology

3. Stable and safe production performance

4. Have and provide professional installation training personnel

5. Improve after-sales service

Old brand -- guangzhou lanyang machinery equipment co., LTD. Professional, technical, word of mouth, service. Sanyang - your trustworthy partner for life!

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