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Double cone rotary vacuum dryer - nanyang enterprise

Issuing time:2020-05-13 17:22

I. purpose:

This machine is suitable for the concentration of powder and fiber materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, mixing, drying and low-temperature drying materials, and more suitable for the drying of materials that are easy to be oxidized, volatile, heat sensitive and strong stimulation and are not allowed to destroy crystals.

Ii. Working principle:

Double cone rotating vacuum drying machine for double cone rotating tanks, tanks under vacuum condition, to the jacket into the hot water or steam heating, heat through the tank wall in contact with the wet materials, materials, heat absorption after the evaporation of water vapor, is pumped through the vacuum pump by the vacuum exhaust pipe, because the vats in the vacuum state, and the tanks rotary make the material continuously up and down, turn inside and outside, accelerating the drying speed of material, improve the efficiency of drying, dry evenly.

Three, process requirements

Under the condition of negative pressure, the material can turn over and the material has full contact with the jacket to dry the material. Drying process temperature control range: 50~100℃. Heat with hot water. The moisture content of the product at the end of drying is below 0.2%. The yield of drying is above 99%. There are no dead corners inside the dryer, and there are no parts that cannot be cleaned.

4. Technical requirements

The sealing material of the equipment can withstand the hot air of 0~95℃, with good anti-aging and sealing effect. The external surface of the host machine is matt treated, and the polishing degree meets Ra≤ 0.6m.

V. control system:

This device control system operation interface is beautiful, easy to operate. The whole control system is composed of display and operation button. Electrical control box; There are buttons on the host to start, stop and click.

Vi. Heating system

The equipment is equipped with a hot water circulation system of 10kw and a high temperature pump of 0.75kw.

Vii. Main technical parameters:

1. Volume product: 300L

2. Charging capacity: 100-120l

3. Operating temperature: ≤210 inside the tank, ≤220℃ for jacket

4. Rotation speed: 1-13 r/min (frequency conversion)

5. Motor power: 1.5kw

6. True voidness: -0.065 ~ -0.095MPa

7. With baffle inside, the mixing is more even

8. Water distribution circulating vacuum pump 3kw.

9. Overall dimensions: width 4200mm× depth 1000mm× height 1900mm

Designed by guangzhou nanyang enterprise, contact: miss feng 13602788239

Features: guangzhou lanyang mechanical equipment co., LTD. / guangzhou panyu yanyang food machinery equipment factory, with professional pipeline welding process. Provide pipeline layout, design, welding and polishing for the whole production line. Fully meet food grade requirements.

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