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The intelligence and convenience of automatic packaging machine

Issuing time:2020-04-20 17:24

Nowadays, people are more and more seeking for intelligence and simplicity, such as the collection of raw materials from a family or a workshop. Since the 21st century, people are the core, science and technology is the primary productivity, the division of labor in all walks of life meticulous, the traditional manual production has been gradually replaced by intelligent mechanized production.

And packaging is widely used in our life in all walks of life, food, medicine, chemical, daily chemical all involved, generally to the bags we drink instant coffee, strip enzyme, ketchup, cold infusion, milk, etc. Novelty to the market in a variety of color complete, strange aluminum bubble cover shell, shaped bags, such as coffee partners in the cream cup, children's toys in the snack syrup.

To some extent, whether a production-oriented enterprise has intelligent packaging production system is an important symbol for the enterprise to enter the 21st century. Lanyang packaging machine has the following characteristics.

A PLC control, flexible, can replace traditional heavy single chip microcomputer system, PLC, as the name implies, programmable controller, a specially designed for industrial production of design for digital electronic equipment operation, it USES a programmable memory as internal storage procedures, to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations geared to the needs of the customer's instructions, and through the digital or analog input/output control various types of machinery or production process. Lanyang packaging machine is such control of the operation and operation of the entire equipment.

Stepless speed regulation: the packaging speed can be stepless adjusted within a certain range to achieve the best match with bag making, filling, sealing and cutting links, so that the packaging process is stable and reliable.

3. When the colored calibration position mark of the packaging film is used, the process of bag-making can realize automatic photoelectric detection, positioning, sealing and cutting, which ensures the completeness of bag-making pattern.

Four, temperature control with high precision PID regulation, with excellent heat sealing stability, to ensure the sealing quality of different materials.

Five, easy to operate and maintain: intermittent structure is simple, easy to operate and maintain.

Six, strong versatility: through the replacement of different filling head can achieve the purpose of a multi-purpose machine.

Full set of high quality devices, stable quality, low noise, low failure rate, long service life.

Eight, small and unique, beautiful appearance, all the devices in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and non-toxic anti-corrosion plastic, in line with the requirements of food and medicine packaging (GMP requirements). Especially suitable for food, medicine and chemical industry.

If you want to speed up the transformation from traditional industry to intelligent industry, if you also have the demand for packaging, please give the packaging materials to lanyang, lanyang to improve your production, bring benefits!

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