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V - shaped mixer powder particle mixer custom shipment

Issuing time:2020-04-15 17:24

Customized large v mixer powder equipment loading and delivery - nanyang enterprise car direct delivery service, you are worth having!

Advantages of v-type mixer:

1. High mixing uniformity. It adopts two half-cylinder structures with different length, the material flow in the cylinder has time difference, so it has high mixing efficiency and excellent mixing uniformity.

2. No cross contamination. There is no dead Angle in the barrel and the contact part of the material, the mixing process is mild, there is no segregation, there is no residue, there is no cross contamination.

3. Long service life. Made of stainless steel, rust - proof, corrosion - proof, stable and durable.

Advantages of vacuum feeder:

Directly transfer the materials to the v-type mixer, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of the workers, but also solve the problem of dust spillover during feeding and avoid cross-infection. It is a high-quality equipment for pharmaceutical and food factories to promote clean and civilized production through GMP certification.

The whole set of equipment is conducive to reducing the investment cost of the equipment, convenient material level control; Long distance feeding and large output vacuum conveying of materials.

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