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Fully automatic enzyme beverage production line

Issuing time:2020-04-08 17:25

1, crushing: with the crusher for preliminary crushing, the large solid into particles. The crushing is obtained by the impact and shear of rotating and fixed knives

The action of centrifugal force flows automatically to the outlet.

2. Crushing: further refine the particles to reach 80-200 mesh powder. By using the high speed relative motion between the movable tooth disks, through the tooth disk impact, friction and impact

Strike and other comprehensive action, obtained crushing.

3. Extraction liquid: the extraction method is water, the material is immersed in water, and the extraction method is automatic heating. After the residue is removed, the extract is recovered

4. Inoculation culture: adopt steam sterilization method to achieve sterility standard; Peristaltic pump was used to replenish acid and alkali solution to adjust PH value. We use the SEW

Brand deceleration motor, precise control of stirring; The electrode method was used to defoaming. PT100 temperature probe is used to control the temperature accurately. Digital program can

Online monitoring temperature, dissolved oxygen, pressure, time, rate, PH and other parameters, and can form a table or graph, and import into the computer.

5. Fermentation: put a variety of powder, particle, extract and other materials into the fermentation tank. Through the interlayer electric heating mode and the cooling mode of the pipeline refrigerator, cooperate to make

To use. It can be fermented at constant temperature for a long time. Gear reduction motor can ensure 24 hours continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

6. Vacuum drying: the residue after fermentation can be recycled. Put into the horizontal vacuum dryer. Heat and dry the material under vacuum condition through the screw

With stirring mode, constantly turn, make the material evenly heated. The imported water circulation vacuum pump is used to carry out 24 hours long uninterrupted work for air extraction


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