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Detailed explanation of electric heating function of mixing drum and reactor -- provided by Guangzho

Issuing time:2021-08-05 10:29

Detailed explanation of electric heating function of mixing drum and reactor -- provided by Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise

1. Principle: an electric heating rod is installed in the interlayer space of the can body to generate heat from voltage to resistance, and then conduct heat conduction through the heat transfer medium inside the interlayer, such as heat transfer oil, water or other heat transfer media. Then the heat is slowly transferred to the material in the barrel.

2. Media selection:

320 type heat transfer oil is generally used as heat transfer oil, and the interlayer temperature can be heated to 300 ℃, and then slowly transferred to the materials in the barrel. Theoretically, the material can be heated to 300 ℃, generally discharged every quarter, filtered and reused.

Water is generally softened pure water with less scale. Since the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, if water is added into the interlayer as the medium, the maximum temperature can be heated to 95 ℃, and it is necessary to determine whether the water level slows down every day.

3. Advantages:

Safety: there are multiple protection devices such as leakage protection, automatic temperature control meter, short circuit protection, undervoltage protection and so on.

Temperature control: flexible temperature control can be realized through temperature control meter or PLC. Fully automated without manual intervention.

4. Disadvantages:

Energy consumption: generally, the electric heating power is too large, ranging from tens of thousands of watts to hundreds of thousands of watts.

Efficiency: the heating rate is very slow, because the sandwich medium needs to be added first and then transferred to the material. It takes a long time.

Control: if there is multi-stage temperature control, the time required is very long.

Single: if the equipment needs cooling function, it is necessary to discharge the medium and add low-temperature medium of the same medium to achieve the cooling effect. It has great limitations.

5. Quality

High quality: all stainless steel 304 material, with fixed pieces at the front to prevent mutual touch and burning. There are laser marks on the flange. The wiring terminal is polished and beautiful. The gasket is made of polytetrafluoroethylene high temperature resistant material.

Ordinary: the resistance tube is made of stainless steel, the threaded tube is made of copper and has a short length, which is easy to leak, there is no fixed piece at the front end, and the screw is relatively thin, which is easy to break. The wiring terminal is not polished. The gasket is silica gel

6. Our Guangzhou Nanyang enterprise / Guangzhou Lanlong machinery all use high-quality heating rods to escort customers.


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