Focus on kinds of equipment for food machine and customization for complete production line
V mixer for dry powder (500L) LY-V-500

V-Series mixer

Powder on the smaller machine, clot or two more after the powder boby, the material can contain a certain mixture of water. Such as phase and trace additives can also be achieved mixed results (ie addi-tion of a few ingredients mixed)


ModelProduction Capacity(kg/time)Revolution(L)Mixing Time(min)Power(Kw)Volume speed(r/min)Mixing speed(r/min)Dimensions(mm)(L×W×H)Weight(kg)


● V-Series mixer working principle is that the material continue gathering and dispersing working when 1/2 material poured in the tank, so that the materials can be mixed completely.

● The condition of the earth slope can not exceed 1/100.

● The machine is delivered after working and testing, no any other disassemble, so only put it on and makes it in a same level with the earth when installing and debugging.

● Please check whole parts are sliding down or not when start work, and please tight them if sliding down.

● Please add the sliding oil in the delivering parts and bearing parts.

● Start the machine, checking that it is normal of the delivering system, and checking if the noisy can reach the normal requirements.

● Start the motor, working the machine, and please check it every 10-20 mins till to normal situation, and write down the every mixing time, then repeat the time to operate.

The inner mixing screw paddle, mixing uniformity

The material outlet, powder out from the mouth to container

The distance between outlet and earth is customzied

Material inlet mouth, which can clock by the handle

Side picture about the tank, all polished outside

Tank picture, polished outside

Tank inside picture, which is polished, sanitary food grade

Some Common Questions Customers will   ask

1. What is the function of the machines? Does it can meet my requirements.

---The machines can be customized as per the detailed demands.

2. What is the machine made of ? what kind of stainless steel?

--- All of our machines are made of SUS304 or other better stainless steel, which can meet the sanitary standard     and the food grade standard, which is endurable and anti-corrosive.

3. What about the installment, I don't know how to operate the machine after the machines reach us, can I do?

--- We will dispatch the technican to install the machine in your local, and also train your labor how to operate,      we have a complete after sale service system, please rest assurance.

4. What is the spare parts, how often should change?

--- The machines are all shipment in a whole, no any disamble, the spare parts is some screws, you said is     damage parts, which should be replaced in 3 or 6 months

FAQ ( our questions to customers)

1. What is your capacity per time?
2. What material do you want to deal with?
3. What is your local power voltage for 3 phrase?
4. What is your heating resources, is electric heating/air heating/steam heating?

5. What is your working craft, the working procedure?

6. Can you offer me your factory layout? the factory size?

Package & Delivery & Warranty


    Packed in a seaworthy wooden box. which is strictly performe the international export standard, the wooden

     box is designed by the machines, which is waterproof and dry, make sure the machines can be delivered to      the customers in safe, but some of machines, such as sauce processing machine, the production line, which

     contain many sets of machine, the package will be set apart.Single machine such as mixer/emulsifier/stirring

     tank usually packed in one box, no any disassembly, which can directly open the power to use the machine

     after receiving the shipments.


      As per the machines, different machines have different delivery time, production line usually takes about 2-3

      months, single machine usually takes about 20-30 working days, and the time don't inculde the transit time

      from the loading port to destination port, we will ship the machines as per the time we appointed before, and

      we will offer the CIF and CNF price, the freight can be included in our price, please negotiate with our before

      saler about the freight, which can make sure the machine will be reached on the customers' local in time            and no damage. And please note that the delivery time accounted from the day we receiving your 30%                deposit .


   For all the machines, our warranty is 1 year, it means it is for free to machine consult, and it is free for main

    parts sending, such as motor/ touch screen / machine circuit lines etc. main parts (except the easy-damaged

    parts), we have a strong after sales team, which can ensure our machine will operate normally in your local

    factory. And as for the production line, honey processing machines, we will assign the technicians to train            and teach your working labors how to operate the machines; and as for the single machine, such as                    mixer/jacketed kettle/ sauce dealing machine and packing machine, these machine are all packed in a                complete wooden case, no any other disassembly, the operation will be more simple, we will offer you a              whole set of    videos, you can operate it as per the video shows.

What we seek is to create value for our

customers with a more considerate and

efficient service

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